New Software Selection

Find the perfect match

in a complicated world.


Apply our proprietary methodology for comparing features and prices, or,  sample our breadth of knowledge about functions, features, bells, whistles, work-arounds, fire-escapes, and seamless integrations.  Whether you’re in the early-stages and need help structuring an internal assessment or ready to evaluate your list of final candidates, this flexible service package will help you find the perfect match.



Package pricing includes any three of available New Software Services:

Needs assessment

We will review your current business practices and near-future needs to identify the features and functional requirements most critical to your success.

Software and Partner Comparisons

Based on your priorities and preferences, we will recommend three or four top products for your consideration and present a side-by-side comparison of each candidate’s functionality and comprehensive costs. View all our flat-fee services.

Product Demonstrations

We work directly with product representatives to ensure thorough and comparable demonstrations. We ask the questions you may not know to ask and  guide the decision-making process to a final, logical, and defensible conclusion.

Mapping and conversion support

After a final selection has been made, our team is available to support the field mapping, conversion and documentation process.


Joslyn Creative did an incredibly thorough job all the way from our initial conversation through to the very end. This would have been such a daunting project to take on alone and having Joslyn Creative navigate the waters for us was invaluable. In the end we made a great decision about a database, and our sanity was intact to boot!

Director of Development, Private Semester School

Joslyn Creative made our data conversion process seamless. Joanna’s work was exceptionally detailed and well-documented, allowing us to move ahead quickly and painlessly. I particularly appreciated her follow-through and ability to keep me on task. the final documentation will be extremely helpful in setting new data protocols and procedures. I could not have done this project without Joslyn Creative.

Director of Development, Private School