Wealth Data & Prospect Research

We offer various Wealth Data and Prospect Research services. Choose our flat-rate WealthPLUS package to deploy the full power of a wealth screening, or integrate on-going prospect research into your Major Gifts pipeline.


Jump-start your prospect pipeline with WealthPLUS. Screen up to 10,000* records to identify the wealth and giving propensity in your donor file, PLUS receive a custom analysis of results that makes the screening immediately meaningful and useful.


How it works


We consult with your team to ensure we understand your current fundraising strategy and near-term goals for the screening. We then extract records from your database, prepare the file for optimal results, and submit the file to the wealth screening service of your choice.


Once the screening is complete, we analyze results relative to the critical data-points within your file, such as giving and participation behaviors, affiliation, and geographic/psychographic trends. The result is a rich and nuanced understanding of the composition of your donor and prospect file relative to capacity and value, donor responsiveness, defining characteristics, and key file segments.


We then re-import wealth data into your database with the offer of augmenting the import with custom ratings, attributes, or whatever segmentation codes are needed to fully deploy the findings.


Fees: $2,500 plus the cost of the screening.


Screening costs vary by file size and service. For a file size of 4,000-10,000 records, expect of range of
$4,000-8,000 for a screening and annual subscription to the online research tool.

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Prospect Research Services

Turn wealth data into valuable, actionable information! We deploy your wealth data resources through custom prospect research, smart file segmentation, ranking methodology by integrating prospect discovery into portfolio management, and by designing effective prospect cultivation moves management.


Fees for custom research: $250 for Full Research Profile, $150 for Financial Profile, $50 for event bio’s, and $35 for Quick Profiles.

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