2019 Trainings and Workshops

Schedule a training session for your development team or individual staff members, or become a partner and host a workshop for your association or chapter members.


For organizations improving fundraising effectiveness or preparing for a campaign.


Fundraising System Gap Analysis – Bridging the gap between the system you have to the system you need


Deploying Major Gifts Functionality – What to do when your Strategic Fundraising Plan calls for increasing Major Gifts but your donor database is functioning as an address book


Priming Your Prospect Pipeline – How to use wealth screenings and other useful tips


Are You Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck? Optimizing your donor management software… no matter what it is



For organizations considering investing in a new donor management software product. 


What Donor Management Software is Right for You?


Salesforce NPSP – What is it, how does it work, and is it right for your organization?



For organizations developing or implementing a multi-year Strategic Plan with annual fundraising goals of $1M-$5M.


Fundraising Analytics 101: Establishing Benchmarks and Setting Goals


Fundraising Analytics 201: Translating Goals into Action